Q:Your comics and pics are uncensored?
A:No. Because, in Japan, person may be arrested for making uncensored adult contents even if they use foreign servers.
But it is possible that, I try to lessen some censorships if it is too much for my Patreon.

Q:Then your PSDs for $20.00 tier are uncensored?
A:No, sorry. It does not mean an uncensored tier.
You can study my paints and layers etc from PSDs, keep most Hi-Rez quality.
But censorships are enbedded on some layer, to avoid my arrest in Japan.

[Free Commission Raffles]

Q:How do you choose a winner?
A:I'll use good old real dices for it, with list of my Patrons.
Maybe in the future, I may use some program if there are so many Patrons!

Q:What will you draw? and What you won't draw?
A:Generally speaking, I'm good at drawing my ordinary style.
You can expect good result for...
Futa/Tits/Booty/Muscle/Curvy etc.
I won't draw...
Gore/Scatology/Maybe other too extreme fetishes

Also I won't draw male characters unless it is drawing in the POV style shot.
(I draw only some bodyparts or silhouette for male, for example)
In addition, some fanarts have risk of Litigation in Japan. I won't draw Disney and Pokemon characters, for example.

Anyway, I feel co-working is key for this event!
If the winner and I can't reach an agreement in spite of the best efforts, I can cancel it and choose another winner.

Q:I'm not interested in commissions. What should I do if I become a winner?
A:You can request small gift pic or something from me.
For example, pic with some exclusive retouches made (pic characters with tans, eye glasses, Futa-transformation, etc.).